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50+ Hatha yoga


You need to know that yoga can be started at any age. With regular and devotional practice, flexibility and flexibility makes you forget back pain, depression, increased self-confidence, and perfecting our body.

Astanga yoga


Astanga is one of the complex, dynamic forms of Hatha Yoga, which is composed of six series of exercises. The series not only sets the asanas in order, but connects them …



Somewhere between half the pilates and yoga, the BodyART training is designed to ensure the perfect functioning of the whole body. Each exercise and position is a whole body exercise that moves at the same time with multiple muscles.

Baby - Mama yoga


It helps in postnatal regeneration, regeneration of physical and mental condition, and helps the baby’s development, motion sensation, nervous system, intellectual abilities …

Equipment yoga


Those who are interested in yoga often say “I want yoga, but I’m not flexible enough”. In equipment yoga sessions, the use of the tools allows the exact position of the asanas, postures …

Spine and body keeping

gerinc és tartásjavítás

Beautiful keeping is not just aesthetics but also a health hazard because of the central role of the spinal column. This is the most important role in chest and back development, spine …

Children's Yoga


Movement, play is the child’s essence. Children’s Journals adjust the ancient yoga practices to the basic nature of children, so that all the knowledge they have accumulated in millennia can also be experienced joyfully and freely.

Hatha yoga

Hatha jóga

The best-known type of yoga, many say it is “basic yoga”. In hatha yoga classes we mainly deal with the precise, anatomically correct execution of the asanas (body positions), and emphasize the simplest …

Hatha flow yoga

Hatha flow

Flow is flowing, clock flow – like vinyasa watches – is provided by breath-tuned aces series. Its dynamics is softer, slower than vinyasa, but more intense than the traditional hatha yoga …

Kundalini yoga

Kundalíni jóga

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan (pronounced Jodi Bhadzsán), consists of simple yoga techniques that can be carried out by anyone regardless of age or physical condition. It is a complete science in itself that …

Pregnant yoga

Kismama jóga

Methods from the Far East and other natural peoples techniques to help tackle barriers to pregnancy and to give birth. In the sessions …



Dorottya Geszler’s special pilates. “In the direction of yoga I discovered different styles. I participated in a yoga and pilates center, the creation of Monsoon, where there are lots of yoga types and more …



The unique harmony between body and soul can be achieved by exercising the Pilates movement system. Beneficial effects include back pain, unilateral stroke, limitation of joint movement, keeping abnormalities, sports and t …

Teen yoga


Today’s young people are well ahead of ten years ago, and this fast physical-psychological development is highly recommended for yoga. It helps to develop its own – proper self-evaluation system, sums up the …

Vinyasa flow yoga


Vinyasa Flow is a wonderful combination of breathing-coordinated ace series, a free-style, dynamic yoga, in which the body and the breathing flow together, keep in constant attention and the present …

Yin yoga


Yin Yoga is a very soft, passive style of yoga, which helps in stress relief by keeping individual poses longer and focussing on areas such as the shoulders and hip area. We have access to layers, …

Power yoga


In the calm rhythm of breathing, with the free flow of movements in the constant dialogue between the body and the soul, the mind is in the inner silence. Strong but slow type of clock is also recommended for beginners.

Yoga course

These courses include: What is yoga? Its origin, concept, and styles of yoga. What is the difference between yoga and other forms of movement?
Eight stages of yoga. Yoga activity, impact on body and mind …
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