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Looking for a yoga instructor training?

The Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor Training, which will give you a 200 hours Yoga Alliance International certification, will start around September 2019 at Monsoon yoga studio with Berta Jagicza.

The course provides structured, reliable knowledge and prepares you to start teaching instantly!
The training is a synthesis of ancient techniques and the most advanced knowledge at the same time. Yoga Alliance is a certified graduate program that can lead you through yoga around the world.

The group has a maximum of 13 people, because quality is the most important for us. Personal attention and continuous supervision gives you the chance to have a confident knowledge after completing your training.

The leader of the training is Berta Jagicza:

www.jogaklikk. hu site founder,
– Hatha yoga instructor,
– Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor,
– spine yoga instructor,
– meditation instructor,
– and works with yoga as a therapy as well

who passes on the essence of his 12-year knowledge and experience.

By the training:

– you will understand exactly why we are doing the lessons to the smallest details, in aspects of the class,
– analyze the instructions and effects of yoga asanas and basic techniques,
– get acquainted with the methodology of yoga teaching,
– we record the most important basic principles of yoga, thousands of years old, but we learn to apply them to today’s modern urban people,
– we learn about yoga philosophy, lifestyle, ethics.

Teaching practice is also an important part of the training that you can routinely get in order to be ‘sharp’ educated.

In our training, we pay particular attention to anatomy and learn how to safely conduct yoga classes and how to apply yoga to individual differences and needs.

During the course, we provide free access to the largest online yoga portal in the country. Visit to practice with more than 200 yoga videos at home! The 10-hour hospitation of the training is at the Monsoon Yoga & Pilates Studio is included in the price.

Course duration: 9 weekends (about 1 month) and a 5-day camp at the end.

Price: 280.000 HUF (plus 5-day camp cost 70.000 HUF).

Attention! We would like to interview our future students before starting the course.

If you have any questions, call us:
Jagicza Berta 06 30 202 8922, Polyvás Ildi 06 30 252 6078
Application: By paying 10% deposit in Monsoon Yoga & Pilates Studio.
1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 49., Tel .: +36 1 200 7532, +36 20 484 0903

10 days 15 hours advanced yoga course will be launched on 1st February 2019 with Berta Jagicza once a week, 11.00-12.30 on Fridays, for those who have been doing yoga for at least 3-6 months, but want to deepen basic asylums and yoga techniques, to make their home practice more aware. The 10 times course costs 24.900 HUF. Please sign up with a prepayment at the reception!

From September 2018 we will launch our new beginner yoga course!

Get started from the basics!

Most beginner yoga classes focus on physical exercise. But what is not just physical exercise? How do yoga players differ from other gymnastics?
“Yoga is not for me, because I’m not flexible enough,” “too slow for my temperament,” “too spiritual”, trying to overwhelm with such and similar misconceptions.  With our 10 times course you can learn exactly about yoga and how you can build it in your everyday life. You can learn basic yoga asanas (basic poses), basic breathing and other yoga techniques in detail for accurate implementation and gain inspiration by experiencing your own skills.

New classes:

Yoga for Women

Every Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:30 with Anna Práger. “Our sessions are based on the practices of Hatha Yoga, but our focus is on energizing our abdominal region and the women’s organs, relaxing our hips and opening our hearts. Featuring: female qualities, powers, asanas, breathing exercises and meditation practice, asana sequences, such as Moon and Earth Salutations.” Anna Práger

Flow Yoga

Come to do Flow yoga with Dóra Musitz on Thursdays from 19:00 to 20:30! This is a Hatha-based, dynamic yoga with flowing movements in accordance with our breathing. We move the whole body, followed by the strengthening of the muscle system which is necessary for proper support, and also the Yin yogic derivation. For beginners, the class is easy to follow, but the more experienced will also find a challenge and opportunity for deepening.


Come and try out DeepWORK, the highly dynamic class based on BodyART! We are waiting for you on Sundays with Bea Komáromy, from 18:00-19:00! Please sign up at least one day before the class at our Studio!

Singing bowl meditation

Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and tao-harp’s long vibrating, cleansing, soft and spherical sounds have a very powerful healing and vibration effect. The occasion is a live sound concert, a wonderful, healing experience, allowing you to enjoy the flow of sounds smoothly and keep away from the stresses of everyday life. We are waiting every second week on Thursdays from 19:00 to 20:00. Please log in at least 24 hours before the event! For a minimum of 4 people, 2900.- HUF / occasion.

Annual, semi-annual passes

If you would like to come to us regularly, use the discounted annual and half-year lease option. Our half-year charter price: 119.500.- Ft, annual rental price: 215.000.- Ft.

FOR YOUR NEW GUESTS AT THE FIRST SUBJECT TO THE PRICE FOR 5 DAYS ONLY $ 2200! If you buy 10 free or monthly passes during your first registration, you will get a 10% discount! </ Strong> </ span> </ p>


Monsoon is more than yoga. More than pilates. More than movement.A place where men and women, small and great, beginners and advanced people are looking for balance between body and soul, harmony.

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The real goal is not to reach the boundaries, but the fulfillment, which is boundless.
Rabindranath Tagore

With the creation of the Monsoon Yoga studio, five girls dreamed of having yoga at different studios and wanted to create a high quality space that is both cosmopolitan and professionally meeting the highest expectations, as well as eco-conscious and community-based (charity) before it.

We, the team at Monsoon Yoga, strive to provide our visitors with the best physical, spiritual and visual experience. All this is a beautiful, cozy interior, a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, personal attention, and of course: well-trained yoga and pilates teachers.

We at Monsoon think that yoga is fun and yoga is a wonderful feeling.

We value not only the number of visitors to our watch but also the feedback of our guests satisfied with the quality of our services and, in a broader sense, the positive assessment of the community.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all in the Monsoon Yoga Studio!

Adél, Dorottya, Ildi, Márti and Ria

Monsoon yoga studio


Monsoon Yoga & Pilates
Budapest, II. district, Pasaréti Street 49.
Phone: +36(1)200 7532, +36(20)484 0903
Business Manager:
Polyvás Ildi
Phone: +36(30)252 6078

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:00-20:30
Saturday: 9:30-12:30
Sunday: 9:30-12:30

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