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The real goal is not to reach boundaries, but to accomplish, which is boundless.
Rabindranath Tagore

With the creation of Monsoon, five girls dreamed of having yoga at different studios and wanted to create a high-quality space that is both cosmopolitan and professionally meeting the highest expectations environmentally conscious and community responsibility (charity).

We, the Monsoon team, strive to provide our visitors with the best physical, spiritual, and visual experience. All this is a beautiful, cozy interior, a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, personal attention, and of course: well-trained yoga and pilgrim teachers.

We at Monsoon think that yoga is fun and yoga is a wonderful feeling.

We value not only the number of visitors to our watch but also the feedback of our guests with the quality of our services and, in a broader sense, the community’s positive assessment.

We welcome all inquirers!

Adel, Dorottya, Ildi, Márti and Ria

Environmental Awareness

We are enthusiastic enthusiasts of environmental consciousness, and we try to achieve this in Monsoon as far as we can.

We try to use environmentally friendly detergents, using as little paper as possible for our office and business (posters, registration sheets, brochures).

Naturally we collect the garbage and ask everyone to follow our example.

Social Responsibility
Monsoon’s founders, in addition to wanting to create a cosmopolitan, aesthetically and professionally high standard, also consider community responsibility as important.

Probably many of us have used but still usable garments at home, but somehow we never have time or desire to take away the needy. Bring it to us when you come next hour! We collect the used clothes and take them to the needy.

We regularly participate in events organized by various charitable organizations (eg Bátor Tábor), where we can help them to reach their goals when offering opportunities such as lotteries and auctions.

We have been collecting childrens clothes and toys that have been collected in our traditional yoga classes and have been imported by our guests since 2012 for the children of homeless children.

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