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Astanga yoga

Astanga Yoga is one of the complex, dynamic forms of hatha yoga that is made up of six sets of exercises.

The series not only sets the asanas in order, but connects them with motion (vinyásza), breathing (udjasáj pranaajama), bandhaka (energetic locks) and dristikkel (look at a point at the point). Thus, exercise is continuously and without stopping, and the rhythm is given by udgas breathing. This breathing technique helps to silence the mind as well as keeping the eye (dristi). Breathing and bangs together develop internal heat in the body, which, in addition to increasing flexibility, triggers the cleansing processes, because the excellent sweat also removes the build up of poisonous and debris accumulated in body tissues.

The knit practice does not mean that exercise becomes monotonous or boring. On the contrary, regular exercise entails rapid development: the body strengthens and the joint flexibility is increased. Due to the nature of the practice, after a while there is no need to think about which an ace is to be followed, all attention is directed, not even the instructions of the instructor.

(In the first place, we are still competing with ourselves, we are disappointed if one of the aces or vinyasas “fails” and we are happy to perform a more difficult position. These differences disappear after a while and we are considered as an outside observer good or bad labels have it. It feels like we are not practicing, but practicing with us.)

Instructor: Róna, Zsuzsi

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